Terms and Conditions

Sales, Delivery and Payment Terms

1. General

All orders and deliveries are solely in accordance with our delivery and payment terms, with which the person placing the order declares himself to be in agreement at the time of placing the order. This also applies to future transactions, even if there is no express reference to the delivery and payment terms. These, however, will be made available to the person placing the order in the event of an order being confirmed by us. If the order is placed in a way which departs from our terms and conditions, even then only our delivery and payment terms apply, even if we do not contradict them. Thus departures from the norm only apply if these have been expressly recognised by us in writing. Customer are advised to check the goods before printing or embroidery.

2. Delivery and Payment Terms

Free delivery for order more than 100 pieces in a single receipt. A delivery note will be enclosed along with our delivery. You will receive the invoice a few days later. We reserve the right to supply goods only through cash on delivery, payment in advance or other payment terms to be agreed with the customer instead of the normal terms of payment. Complaints, if there are any, do not affect the due date for the payment of the purchase price.

3. Payments

If you do not pay in full by the due date, a late payment will be levied on a monthly basis at the rate of 10% per month from the date the outstanding amount was due.

The Customer shall inspect and examine the invoice and shall notify us in writing of any errors, omissions, disputes or other irregularities in the invoice. In the absence of such notification, the invoice shall be deemed correct and shall be conclusive with further proof as against the Customer if no written objection is received by us within seven (7) days from date of invoice.

4. Delivery/Delay in Delivery

The delivery items will be delivered in accordance with our delivery schedule prevailing from time to time.We will have the right to refuse delivery or make the item available for self-collection if any amount owing to us is not paid in full.

5. Returns

Goods sold are not returnable or refundable unless you received an incorrect item(s) or any factory defected item(s) such as faulty zip, holes and obvious stains, otherwise it will not be accepted for return.

6. Quality Discrepancies

The details with regard to sizes quoted in our publications are not subject to any standards. The same applies to the size details quoted on the fabric labels. Drawing certain conclusions with regard to measurements and sizes on the basis of these details is not possible and do not constitute any grounds for complaint. Small discrepancies with regard to quality, colour, shape, processing, width, weight, design and features that are usual in the trade or are unavoidable for technical reasons give no entitlement to lodge a complaint.

If you have any concerns or enquiries regarding our Terms and Conditions, please do not hesitate to contact us at +65 6569 1823 or email at admin@gmapparel.sg

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